Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~

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Dive into the world of Esperia, a fantasy tactical RPG with visual novel elements! Lead Diana and her allies into grid-based tactical battles to uncover the secrets of the Kingdom and the world.

About This Game

On a fateful night, Diana Pendragon, the second princess of Mediana is betrayed by her own army, and set up as a traitor and a witch.
In the middle of the war, King Uther Pendragon fell victim to a curse the court blamed on the young Diana.
Escaping with her most loyal knight, the princess set up on a quest to find allies and uncover what’s really happening in the shadows, in order to clear her name and reclaim her title.
Little did she know that what she was about to discover about herself and the nature of the world would change her fate, her family and the country forever…

Features you expected the game to have (and we have those!):

  • Lot of challenging maps with different objectives and playstyles.
  • Over 20 playables characters with their own story and development.
  • 20+ different classes with their own weapons, movement type and skills.
  • A rich storyline with original elements you haven’t seen anywhere else like a military empire, a dark cult, dragons, and heroes who fight for justice.
  • Around 25h of playtime.

Features you wished the game never had (and oh dear, we do have those!!):

  • Permadeath (disabled In Easy Mode). Because characters die when they’re killed.
  • (Un)Fair RNG (you’ll learn that 90% isn’t a guaranteed hit…)
  • Depression caused by the sight of your precious waifu/husbando dying in front of your eyes to that 2% enemy critical hit
  • An actual hard mode. No, really, it is hard.

Features the game actually has, and you probably didn’t expected

  • In-game choices that will influence relationships and unlock special story elements
  • Character exclusive quests, that focus on the backstory and relationships of each units.
  • High quality art for characters and in-game events.
  • Arthurian myths elements. Lots of them. Please, the heroine’s family name is Pendragon, what do you need?

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Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ is an engaging anime game that invites players into a captivating world filled with unique characters, intricate storylines, and thrilling gameplay. In Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~, players can embark on a journey to explore a diverse and immersive universe, facing challenges and uncovering mysteries along the way. Whether engaging in intense battles, forming alliances with intriguing characters, or solving complex puzzles, Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ offers an unforgettable experience that blends the artistic aesthetics of anime with interactive gaming. Suitable for fans of both anime and video games, Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ provides endless entertainment and a rich narrative that resonates with players of all ages.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 750 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1280×720

Title: Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy





Release Date: 1 Mar, 2023

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